Set up a Zombie Makeup Station at your next Zombie Party


Materials (also listed on Amazon)

-white face makeup from the costume store

-black eye shadow

-green eye shadow

-green lipstick from the costume store

-black lipstick from the costume store

-black liquid eye liner pen

-Q-Tips or other cotton swabs

-disposable makeup sponges (wedges)

-No More Tears Baby Shampoo (for washing it all off)

-Optional: red Halloween makeup

-hand mirror(s)

-plastic tablecloth

zombie makeup on Amazon

Click on the image to go to our hand-picked collection of zombie makeup on Amazon!Materials on Amazon


There are two options here for setting up….

OPTION A:  Self service station.  If your guests are children, then this station needs to be supervised so that the applicators are not misused and the makeup goes onto faces only.

If you go the self service route then you should

  1. Cover a table with a plastic tablecloth. Then divide the table into “stations” where each station contains the makeup you need for one step of the process.  You can separate the stations with lines of masking tape.  Here are the stations:
    1. START: white makeup (whole face) and a mirror.  Make sure you have 2-3 containers of white face makeup so that 2-3 guests can work on their makeup at one time.  People can share the eyeshadow as needed but should apply with cotton swabs.
    2. green and black eyeshadow (eyes, hollows of cheeks, “corners” of forehead), cotton swabs and a mirror
    3. green and black lipstick (for lips), cotton swabs and a mirror
    4. black liquid liner pens (for drawing skin cracks) and a mirror. As with the white makeup, have 2-3 liner pens available so this station doesn’t slow down the process.
  2. Demonstrate the makeup application by getting a volunteer and walking them through the process while the other guests watch. Or have the group watch the application video (see below).

Guests can then circulate through each “station” to do a step of the makeup application.  The white makeup needs to go onto the face first, but after that they can visit the other stations in any order.

OPTION B:  Zombie Makeup Artist.  Have 1-2 volunteers do the makeup application for the guests.  It takes less than 5 minutes to do the zombie makeup if you view the tutorial we suggest below.  Guests can drift over to get their face painted while refreshments are served, or during other down times throughout the party.

Makeup Application

We recommend that you watch the video online (described below) but here are the basic steps:

  1. Use the makeup sponge to apply white face makeup to the whole face, avoiding the eyelids and being careful around the eye area in general.
  2. Mix black and green eyeshadow (on the cotton swabs or on your skin), and use the cotton swabs to apply that in rings around each eye, in the hollows of the cheeks and on each side of the forehead.
  3. Apply the black lipstick to lips, followed by the green lipstick, using cotton swabs.
  4. Draw cracks onto the skin with a black liquid liner pen.

*Each guest should use their own sponge and cotton swabs for health reasons.

In terms of demonstrating the application of the makeup, we recommend a zombie makeup YouTube video created by Before&After TV.  We love this 5-minute video that demonstrates easy zombie makeup for kids!

If for some reason that link doesn’t work, you can find a lot of good tutorials if you search YouTube for “zombie makeup kids.”  You can find professional-quality tutorials for zombie makeup for adults, too.

Guests might enjoy seeing the makeup tutorial if it is not too long (the one we recommend takes about 5 minutes to watch).  You could set this up near the makeup stations, or the whole party can assemble briefly to watch it on a computer or the TV, if you have the capability to show YouTube videos on your television.

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Zombie Party Ideas: Using Signs and Posters for Zombie Decorations

This post is part of our “Throw a Zombie Party!” series.   When you throw a theme party, it’s pretty easy to overlook decorating the actual space for the party, especially if you just go to the party store and buy whatever seems to fit with the theme.  (Or if you happen to be a particular past roommate of mine, whose idea of decorating for a “Luau” was putting the contents of the liquor cabinet on the kitchen table next to some cups.  If that sounds ok to you, please read the other posts in this series.  Or just go to other people’s parties instead of throwing one.)   Even if you do consider the space, decorating can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be much work or cost much money, even for a zombie party.

The super-easy way to make the space fit the theme is to decorate with posters and signs.  When you’re throwing a zombie party, this is especially easy because there are so many zombie movie posters, most of which are ridiculously cheap.   I also like to put up signs that direct guests to where the party areas are, and signs that keep them out of non-party areas, where I store your dirty laundry and things that bite.  You can also cover the walls with temporary wallpaper–it’s easier than it sounds but it’s more work than slapping up a few posters.  Read on for the details…

Zombie Party Signs

Do Not Enter--Infected Zone--Printable Zombie Party Sign
This is one of four printable zombie signs we made. Make your own, or download our set and print as many as you want.

Putting up signs enhances the atmosphere at a party, and zombie parties are no exception!  We’ve made a set of zombie party signs you can print out and tape up around the house (see link below!).  You can even put them in the front yard or on the mailbox.

You can download the printable signs we made for free, but if you don’t like these  you can easily make your own signs even with a basic program like Microsoft Word.  Think about the space where you’ll have the party and get creative with your sign wording!  Even if you don’t have a color printer you can print black & white designs on yellow or red paper, and you’re good to go.

Zombie Party Posters

Putting up a few zombie posters will quickly whip a room into shape for your zombie party.   We sifted through a lot of them online and we put together a list of posters here that are fun and not too gory.  The two main things to keep in mind when you choose your posters:  do you want people reading them for awhile versus enjoying them as “background decoration;” and is it a kids’ party (avoid images of disemboweled eyeless zombies eating things that inspire stuffed animals).  We didn’t choose any of the posters with a lot of words on them, and we also tried to avoid art that would inspire new death metal bands to form.

Your front door is the entrance to your zombie party–put a poster on it!  This helps people who haven’t been to your house know that they’ve come to the right place.  Closet doors are also good, as well as the walls near food and where most of the activities will take place.

Zombie Wall Coverings

If you don’t want to put the posters directly onto your walls, we have one more suggestion that’s a little more work but it’s pretty fun and it looks AWESOME, if you’re down for it.  You can cover the walls with black plastic tablecloths, or you can get temporary wall coverings with graphics on them.

Plastic black or red tablecloths will be the cheapest way to go, and they are plain enough that they will not fight with the artwork on your posters, so that’s our top recommendation for wall coverings.

These go up with sticky tac (the blue or yellow gum-like substance), double-sided tape, or even tacks if the covering is light enough and you do it in sections.  Once the backdrop is securely hung on the wall, you can just tape posters directly onto that.

If you must have a backdrop with graphics on it, there is a brand of party backdrops called Scene Setters, and we found one that could work for a zombie party.  It’s a bit on the gross side, but that’s part of its charm…

That’s it for decorating the surrounding space for your zombie party.  Have fun, stay safe, and look out for zombies!

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Make a Zombie Halloween Prop – Fake Zombie Hands and Feet Tutorial

photo of our fake zombie hand and feet stuck in our SUV lift gate

The results of our fun zombie craft--to make your own, you just need the fake hand or foot, some acrylic paints, and our instructions!

If you’re into zombie crafts, this post might be for you.  We are going to show you how to make zombie halloween props by painting cheap fake hands and feet to look like real undead body parts.  You can use these realistic zombie hands and feet as zombie halloween decorations, or to scare your guests at your next theme party.  We shut them into the lift gate of our SUV, and people loved it.

Using acrylic paint and sponge brushes, this tutorial shows you how to layer the coats of paint to transform a fake plastic hand/foot into a very realistic, dead-looking zombie body part. It’s not as simple as throwing a coat of grey or white onto the plastic, but once you know the colors and the order of the layering, it’s pretty straightforward.

This post has our YouTube video demo and some other resources to make this zombie craft easy for you to do, including a materials list (including the hands and feet we used) and still photos of the materials and the actual mixtures of paint we used.

SAFETY NOTE:  This isn’t a makeup tutorial.  Don’t paint yourself with acrylics.  You should NEVER use acrylic paints on human skin.

The Fake Hands and Feet We Used

Materials List

photo of materials


  • Acrylic Paints:
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Burnt Siena
    • Ivory Black
    • Titanium White
    • Raw Umber
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Dioxazine Purple
  • Other Materials
  • Palette Knives or plastic knives
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Clear Coat Spray for Outdoors

The Color Mixtures:

Click on the picture to enlarge.











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Eastwooding Zombie at Dragon*Con 2012 (AMC Networks’ A. Zombie For President Campaign)

Eastwooding Zombie - at A. Zombie For President Campaign Rally, Dragon*Con 2012

The A. Zombie For President Campaign (AMC Networks) let us stage this awesome Eastwooding Zombie meme after their campaign rally on September 1st. AMC Networks is encouraging DISH subscribers who want to watch "The Walking Dead" to find another cable provider, since AMC Networks programming was dropped by DISH this summer.

We had a great time with A. Zombie and his wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie at their campaign rally on Saturday afternoon at Dragon*Con.  We’ll be posting more about it soon!  You can follow the A. Zombie For President Campaign Tour on Twitter #AZombieForPrez and/or visit the website

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A. Zombie For President Campaign Targets DISH Network at Dragon*Con

A Zombie For President Campaign Sign at Dragon Con 2012

A. Zombie For President supporters from both sides of the aisle showed their support by growling and waiving red and blue signs like this one.


August 31, 2012

Atlanta, GA

A surprise entry into the 2012 presidential race was announced by America’s first independent zombie-based political party tonight at the 26th annual Dragon*Con Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, coming on the heels of the Republican National Convention and just before the 4th Annual Zombie Walk downtown.  Recently unearthed political newcomer A. Zombie announced his candidacy for President of the United States, running on a platform that will promote expanded access to AMC Network’s television shows, including AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series.   This announcement was spurred by the recent cancellation of all AMC programming by DISH Network.  The underlying idea fueling his entry into the race is that “government programs begin with good television programming.”

A. Zombie and wife Patty Morgan-Zombie pose together after announcing his candidacy

A. Zombie and wife Patty Morgan-Zombie amidst undead and living supporters at The Westin Peachtree hotel, Atlanta, GA during Dragon*Con

In this rare opportunity to get up close and personal with a dead serious Presidential  Candidate, A. Zombie addressed several hundred potential supporters, most of whom are undead.  He promised to secure the viewing freedom of zombies and humans alike, noting that “a zombie who watches zombies is the zombiest zombie of them all.”

Voters in the audience from both sides of the aisle rallied behind a common idea, and seemed to appreciate the upbeat message along with the break from relentless partisan attack ads.

“This is a candidate I can get behind,” said one warm-bodied festival attendee dressed as Captain America, “I’m sick of hearing the other guys trash talking, or just spouting some platitude without anything tangible to back it up.  Here’s a guy and his wife who see something wrong, they get a plan to fix it, and they do something about it.”

Undead Tinkerbell expressed similar feelings.  “A. Zombie is somebody I can relate to.  My boyfriend has DISH, and when they dropped AMC it totally wrecked our Friends TV Night.  Here’s a candidate that cares what happens to me in my life.”

A. Zombie and his wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie, will be hosting a series of high profile events as part of their campaign tour.  They will be leading the parade on Saturday, September 1st at 10 a.m. at Auburn Ave. NE and Peachtree Street NE in Atlanta.  Based on the warm and cold dead reception they received tonight, they expect a big turnout for Saturday’s Official Campaign Rally which will include their campaign bus and marching band at 3:00pm at the Courtland Street entrance of the Marriott Marquis, 265 Peachtree Center Avenue NE, Atlanta.

A. Zombie is endorsed by AMC Networks, home of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”  AMC and its sister networks, WE tv, IFC and Sundance have all been dropped by DISH Network due to an unrelated lawsuit.  A. Zombie’s mission is to get the word out to those who don’t have access so they can choose another cable provider in time for the next premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” on October 14, 2012.  For more information, please visit

DISH Network, the Romney Campaign, and the Obama Campaign were unavailable for comment.

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Training For A Zombie Run: Three Basic Drills to Help You Beat the Zombies

This is our zombie run training t-shirt design. Check it out in our undead store if you're interested!

This is the first post in a series that we’ll be writing about training for a zombie run.  For now we’ll assume that you are handling the part where you make sure you can run a 5K (3.1 miles) under normal circumstances, and that your physician has cleared you to run.  We want to recommend some drills you can do to improve your chances when you do a zombie run.

Tip #1 – Zombie Evasion: Be able to change directions fast when a zombie pops out.

Preparation: Ladder Sprints.  If you were on a football field, you’d start in the end zone.  Sprint to the 10-yard line and back, then to the 20 yard line and back, then to the 30 yard line and back.  If you do this on your street you can measure it out in houses–run past 3 houses and back, six houses and back, nine houses and back.  You get the idea.

Tip #2 – Protecting Your Side Flags From Zombies: Be able to dodge different types of approaches during the zombie run.

Preparation: Dodge Drills.   You need at least one friend for these (or someone who wants to clobber you) but preferably you get a group together and take turns–one person is the prey and the others are the zombies.  It’s also best if you have flags. (Check out this Classic Sport 8 Player Flag Football Kit on Amazon). Designate an area where you’ll play, and mark off sections every 10 feet or so (whatever works for you).  As the prey, your goal is to make it through as many of these zones as you can without losing all of your flags as the other players rush in at different points from the sides.  Keep score and take turns being prey.  It’s fun.  When you are the prey, don’t use your hands to shield your flags.  Rely on hip movements and over time you’ll also pick up footwork that will help, too.

Tip #3 – Protecting Your Side and Back Flags From Zombies: Be able to spin away from the attacking zombie during the zombie run.

Preparation: Spin Drills.  You can practice these zombie run drills with and without someone rushing at you.  Run in a straight line for about 10 yards, and without stopping, spin 360 degrees and run off to the side.  Do some runs with a clockwise spin and some with a counterclockwise spin.  When your zombie pal rushes you, you’ll spin the flag their reaching for away from them as you change your running direction enough to avoid their reach.  You’ll literally spin past them.  You can see examples of this in rugby and flag football drills on YouTube.

That should be enough to get you started with some training for your zombie run besides just running.  Stay tuned for more posts on this topic.  And remember, the last one to finish will probably get eaten!

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The Zombie Survival Kit

Make the zombie survival kit for fun, as a gift, or for real.   Notice I don’t call it “the zombie apocalypse survival kit.”  The key to surviving the apocalypse is adaptability, so for now, forget trying to take into account a boat load of different apocalyptic scenarios.  Clear your head and take it one or two zombies at a time.

Check out our list of basic zombie survival gear below–with links to some of the stuff and suggestions for gag gift substitutes where applicable (You mean Tina from the office doesn’t want a real machete in her birthday zombie survival kit?  Hard to believe, but possible.)

Duct Tape: the adhesive equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.
Trip Wire: You can use this to trigger a weapon or a booby trap while you’re safely stowed elsewhere. Or use it to make a simple booby trap. Anywhere you have a single point of entry you can stretch it across at shin-height and hang a couple of empty cans from it. Undead will walk into it and make noise, PLUS they will fall over, which buys you time. .
Machete: The weapon of choice for forced combat with the undead. Pros: lightweight, no assembly or ammo required. Con: you’ve got to get pretty close to use it. Zombie Machete Substitute
First Aid Kit: This is where you can (justifiably) go overboard and weigh yourself down. For the gag gift, just get something simple like what’s pictured here. If you’re serious, go for the professional version and supplement with any meds you could anticipate needing, and put it in a different container, because in an apocalypse that red cross might as well be a bullseye.
Kevlar gloves: Bite-proof. ‘Nuff said. Substitute “Fake Kevlar” Gloves
Water filters or filtration tablets: because surviving the zombie apocalypse is bad enough without cholera.
Rope: the nylon equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.
Earplugs: gunfire, the moaning and gurgling of potentially hordes of undead, the whining and keening of the living…just a few of the sounds you might want to tune out.
Binoculars With Basic Night Vision Capability: four eyes are better than two. Substitute: Folding Binoculars
Solar-Powered Flashlight: Make sure it has a battery backup so you can see what’s trying to eat you no matter what the weather is like.
Self-Powered Radio: your best bet is one that was developed for areas that don’t have power or access to batteries—it’s powered by hand-cranking it before you listen, and it has a solar-power backup.
Glow sticks: red ones will illuminate the way while minimizing the impact on your night vision.
Emergency flares: unless you just want the helicopter to keep going.
Swiss Army knife: the metal equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.
Deck of cards: preferably the type that has photographs, with a theme that is likely to lift the spirits of the players.
The definitive guide to making it through the zombie apocalypse. Get it while you can!

Not pictured: hard liquor, ammunition, firearm, medication that wouldn’t come with the First Aid Kit, sleeping bag, tarp, bar of soap, water, aspirin, a generator, and a tool kit. 

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Map of the Dead: Make Your Zombie Survival Map Before It’s Too Late

Zombie Survival Maps – Florida, New Jersey – Icons represent locations that would offer shelter or supplies that could make the difference between life and death.  Generated with the Google-Maps-Powered website, Map of the Dead.

Is the zombie apocalypse starting?  Either way, why not get prepared by generating and printing a zombie survival map for each stop along your planned escape route?  And if you don’t have a planned escape route, it’s time to use Map of the Dead to research your best routes for survival.  It’s as simple as typing your location into the search box!

Map of the Dead uses a customized version of Google Maps to pinpoint locations in your area that are critical for survival.  We searched three different locations–Hackensack, NJ; South Beach and Titusville, FL.  The first two locations are due to recent events, and Titusville–well, that’s our home town, just a few hours north of Miami.  We had the best results with Map of the Dead using Firefox.  They recommend using both Firefox and Chrome.

This map above is for Hackensack, NJ.  The blue icons are warehouses, military installations (Hackensack has three on this map) and Police stations.  The lime green ones are either churches, cemeteries, or campgounds.  The red ones are locations for doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and dentists.  Also critical to note is the brown airport and the orange gun store.

The map above is for Titusville, Florida.  Note that both the Titusville map and the Hackensack map are almost all in red.  Red zones are danger zones.  Populated enough to be a major issue in the event of an outbreak.  The teal squares are grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, shopping malls, hardware stores, and pawn shops (Titusville here shows only the liquor store.  Well played, Titusville, well played.)

And finally, South Beach and part of Miami.  The only icon class left to mention is the darker green one, which is for outdoors/sporting goods stores.  To its credit, this area has more of the food-and-beverage teal class of markers, but it’s still a red zone, so don’t expect the stuff to be accessible or available for long.

Map of the Dead is a great way to get prepared and stay that way.  Use it before you’re sure you need it!!

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Zombie Party Games Part 1: Zombie Autopsy Guessing Game

In this fun (and gross!) party game, foods are used as fake zombie body parts, hidden in covered dishes. Guests try to guess which food was used to mimic"zombie fingers" and other parts.

This is a fun twist on a Halloween game you may have played before.  In this version, aspiring zombie apocalypse survivors are taught to identify “body parts” from a zombie autopsy!!   The “body parts” are actually different foods, but each one is labeled with a body part name, and it is covered by a box with a fist-sized hole in it.  Reach in and feel the “eyeballs!”  Then guess what food was used to create them.  The guest who guesses the most foods correctly wins the game.  Guaranteed to make everybody scream, flinch, laugh and have a good time!


To set this game up, you will need to choose foods from the list below, and put each of your chosen foods into a separate bowl.  To conceal what is actually in each bowl, flip a cardboard box over and use it to cover one or more of the dishes.  You can use a large box to cover multiple bowls or one box per bowl.  Make a fist-size hole in the top or the front of the box for each bowl that is concealed underneath.

Set the covered bowls out on a table.  Label each hole with the body part that the concealed food represents.  Or you can print, cut and fold the Body Part Cards here and use those.

Here are the foods and “body parts” we recommend:

Food Zombie Body Part It Can Represent
peeled grapes eyeballs
jello heart
spaghetti brains
Vienna sausages fingers
beef jerky skin
dried apricots ears
popcorn kernels teeth
sliced melon tongue
gummy worms intestines
end of a pickle nose

To make the setup look fun, you can decorate the boxes or drape a plastic tablecloth over them and cut holes in the plastic to match the holes in the boxes.  If you cut the tablecloth, just tape the plastic to the boxes so that the holes stay lined up.


Tell the guests that as Zombie Hunters they will sometimes encounter zombie guts, and they may even need to work with zombie guts if they are ever drafted into zombie research.  Tell them that as part of their training, food has been used to simulate zombie remains.

Use this printable guessing game list for your guests. Check out the Body Part Cards, too!

Each guest who wants to play needs to read the name of the body part on the card outside the box, reach in, feel the “remains,” and try to guess what is really in the bowl.  Provide wet wipes or paper towels so they can wipe off their hands at each station, and write down their guess.  You can print copies of the Zombie Autopsy Guess List where guests can record their guesses.  Each page has two copies of the list on it, so just print and cut in half.


At the end of the game, reveal each bowl.  You can add a little drama to the ceremony by reading the little rhyme on each of the Body Part CardsThe winner is the guest who correctly identified the highest number of foods used in the game.

See the table on the next page to get our suggestions for the types of food that can represent different body parts.

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Best Zombie Party Invitations on Zazzle

Image of Zombie Bear Invitation by n1kishop

Here's one of our favorites. See below for others!

If you want any zombies to find their way to your zombie party, you’re going to need to tell them about it ahead of time.  Custom invitations are fun because you can put your personal spin on the wording; plus they come ready to mail, versus the ones you fill out by hand or run through your printer at home.  The custom zombie party invitations we looked at are a bit pricey compared to other printed invitation options. But if you are having a smaller party or you have the budget to order them for a larger group, custom invites will get your guests excited well in advance of your apocalyptic celebration.

A great place to go for custom invites is Zazzle, but finding good stuff there can definitely be like searching for a brain cell in a heap of zombies.  So to save you some time, we went through the hundreds of invites that might work for a zombie party, and these are our favorites.  These invites range from about $0.90 each to about $3.00 each but discounts start to kick in the more you order.

You can also make your own custom invite with Zazzle from the ground up.  It costs about the same.

The most important advice we can give you about zombie parties is to make sure you throw one.  And try not to get eaten by your guests!

Royal Zombie invitation
Royal Zombie by orsobear

Zombie Jamboree Invitation invitation
Zombie Jamboree Invitation by pickledradish

N1ki's Zombie Bear Halloween Invitation Card invitation
N1ki’s Zombie Bear Halloween Invitation Card by n1kishop

Ghouls Just Wanna Have FUN! invitation
Ghouls Just Wanna Have FUN! by GhoulieScouts

Zombie Kerry Invitation Card invitation
Zombie Kerry Invitation Card by mandy_norman

Zombie Movies Invite with cute Teen Zombie Girl invitation
Zombie Movies Invite with cute Teen Zombie Girl by CountryCorner

Zombies Halloween Party Invitation postcard
Zombies Halloween Party Invitation by lifetimes

Zombie Party Invitation Postcard postcard
Zombie Party Invitation Postcard by VeryScaryCarnival

Vintage Halloween party Invitation invitation
Vintage Halloween party Invitation by deidamia

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